Ultra-Violet Filtration


UV odour control is today’s most advanced and environmentally friendly solution to odour pollution. From nausea to headaches, to sheer frustration, offensive kitchen emissions can dramatically reduce the quality of life for the individuals exposed, which is why this process is so vital when it comes to extracting fumes from a kitchen.


UV Cleaning

The system manipulates the reaction between the Ultra Violet light and ozone to break down the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) at the source of the odour into smaller, odourless compounds. Patented technology ensures that our system can provide you with unrivalled efficiency, low day-to-day running costs and minimal maintenance routines. And because it’s from Sirius, you know that it will do all this without clogging up landfills across the country.

 Key Facts:

  • Sustainable, effective and low-maintenance removal of odours from kitchen extract systems.
  • Efficiency levels in excess of 98%.
  • Almost zero waste to landfill and no need for additional carbon filtration.
  • High-output UV lamps provide 13,000 hours of constant power. Even after this time they will still maintain 80% of their original output.
  • Unique self-cleaning and reflective inner surface for enhanced efficiency.
  • Modular design for complete flexibility