Our Organisation.


Our Organisation

Sirius Products Dubai is part of the Chapman Ventilation group of companies. Its ethos, values and expertise are drawn from over forty years’ experience working with some of the world’s best known restaurant concepts and brands, and the combined knowledge of the industry’s most renowned engineers.

We've invested heavily in our people and products to provide cost effective, innovative and eco-friendly alternatives that represent the leading edge of this dynamic field. We employ some of the industry's leading experts whose comprehensive understanding of contemporary ventilation technology has allowed us to revolutionise the product market, but without sacrificing the traditional service levels, values and results that businesses expect.

We design, develop and manufacture our own state-of-the art equipment, specialising in Electrostatic Precipitation, UV odour control and energy-saving monitoring systems. It's also where we complete any offsite cleaning and maintenance, build complex ductwork systems and construct our canopies.

We've engineered solutions to suit all business, whatever shape or size, so whether you're a Michelin starred chef or the owner of a pizzeria, we have the ability to create your very own tailor-made ventilation solutions.