Mezza House, Dubai Case Study - ESP Unit


Jamie's Italian

End User: Mezza House, Dubai
Location: Downtown Dubai
Problem: Local residents complaining about the location of the discharge point and odours
Solution: ESP system

 Inspired by blends of spices, distinctive flavours and exotic ingredients, Mezza House is in the heart of Downtown Dubai. It has spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) and is within walking distance of the Dubai Mall. Since its opening in 2008, Mezza House, has proved to be very popular. It is a tribute to the traditional cuisine of the Levant region, showcasing the age-old delights and delicacies of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Palestine. As well as the fine cuisine, Mezza House is also known for its shisha (a water pipe in which fruit-scented tobacco is burnt using coal) area located outside of the restaurant.

The main issue from our perspective was the location of the discharge point. It is in close proximity to the residents living above, so we needed to install a system effective and efficient enough to combat Mezza House’s cooking odours. The menu features a wide selection of meats and other dishes all of which release wet and greasy emissions when cooked at high temperatures over three metres of live fuel. A vast amount of odour and smoke released from shisha pipes also had to be controlled all in aid to respect the local residents.
In just four days, our work was done. The restaurant had a traditional ESP plate which released an unhealthy amount of pollution causing discomfort to local residents. Plate ESPs are traditionally designed for the use in dry dust collection industries and have a fixed current, which cannot accommodate changes in air flow or humidity, making them completely unsuitable for commercial kitchen application, where the fumes contain predominantly oil, grease, moisture, gases and vapour. We replaced the plate ESP with a unique honeycomb cell design Sirius ESP. The intensity of the electrical field enables more uniform electrical field distribution, and ensures that the collection efficiency remains high and constant even in the most challenging environments. This then leaves the kitchen, restaurant and surroundings with nothing but a fresh and cool flow of air, therefore happier residents.
We are pleased to have worked closely with Mezza House and helped to improve its extract system. As our expansion in Dubai grows stronger, working on such fantastic sites with credible reputations is a privilege. We are glad to say that our ESP and UV system is working smoothly and efficiently with happy staff, customers and local residents!

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