Sirius’ Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) has been designed specifically for a commercial kitchen environment. Our ESP systems are without a doubt one of the most effective and environmentally friendly solutions to harmful kitchen emissions such as grease, smoke and other contaminants within the airstream.


ESP Cleaning

Its unique design features a series of cylindrical anode collection tubes, each enclosing a central charging cathode rod. The ESP removes smoke, grease and dirt particles from the air by applying a high voltage electrostatic charge to them, giving them a negative charge. This causes them to stick to the positively charged collection tube, leaving the restaurant and kitchen environment with nothing but clean and cool air.

Fresh air is a basic requirement in the workplace, at home and outdoors, and we believe that it should never be costly, difficult or demanding to achieve. That’s why we have developed a flexible modular system designed to provide maximum efficiency in minimum space. Not only that, efficiency levels are in excess of 96% and almost zero waste goes to landfill.

 Key Facts:

  • The only system available today to be designed specifically for use in a commercial kitchen environment.
  • Efficient, sustainable removal of grease and smoke from kitchen extract systems.
  • Constant, robust and improved ionisation field ensures in excess of 96% of contaminants at discharge
  • Modular design allows for flexibility and efficiency in the minimum space.
  • Almost zero waste to landfill.
  • Significantly increased service intervals.
  • Superior mechanical strength to withstand cleaning and maintenance.