Synergy Sustainable Controls


Synergy is a proactive and advanced system designed to significantly reduce the energy consumption of a kitchen extract system. It is designed to vary the speed of the exhaust in accordance with the level of cooking by-product (such as water vapour, grease particles, smoke and aerosols) released from cooking activities.


Temperature sensors positioned within the ductwork detect and analyse minute changes in temperature above the work surface that are indicative of increased cooking. As the temperature rises, the speed of the fan substantially continuously increases in line with the rising heat load. This variation in fan speed allows the system to select an effective, but not excessive, exhaust rate.

 Key Facts:

  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) sustainable air management system.
  • Significantly lower energy bills and enhanced efficiency throughout the extract system.
  • Ideal for restaurants using wood, charcoal or other sensitive cooking techniques that require absolute control over airflow and temperature.
  • User-friendly control panel for complete control of your ambient environment.